Recent Marketplace Transactions

Image Name Buyer Seller Amount Price AVG Market Value W/L?
Jack O' Hood 4knvm creampufffairy 1 8T 2.5B L
Dominus Frigidus scarydestroyer3 creampufffairy 4 27.1M 27.2M W
Magma Fiend scarydestroyer3 creampufffairy 110 19.9M 199.1M W
Domino of Diamonds scarydestroyer3 TheDeathDragon1 55 9B 3.3B L
Rainbow Sparkle Time Headphones scarydestroyer3 TheDeathDragon1 75 4.8B 4.8B W
BIG: Silverthorn Antlers scarydestroyer3 sickgraves 1 112B 3B L
Bionic Gun scarydestroyer3 earnyourwings12z 1 9.3M 6.2M L
Magma Crown of Eruption scarydestroyer3 dontyoudarecry1 5.6K 170M 180.8M W
Magma Crown of Eruption scarydestroyer3 dontyoudarecry1 11.1K 170M 180.8M W
Lucky Boi scarydestroyer3 dontyoudarecry1 10K 145.5M 140.6M L
Magma Fiend scarydestroyer3 dontyoudarecry1 9.2K 176.2M 199.1M W
Dominus Artem scarydestroyer3 dontyoudarecry1 7K 179.8M 185.1M W
Jack O' Hood creampufffairy dontyoudarecry1 1 8T 2.5B L
Dominus Frigidus Ninja_Pro26389 dontyoudarecry1 2 333.3K 27.2M W
Lord of the Holographic SelfishlySelfless dontyoudarecry1 1 10T 3T L
Dominus Frigidus Ninja_Pro26389 dontyoudarecry1 2 333.3K 27.2M W
Dominus Lotium Ninja_Pro26389 dontyoudarecry1 11.1K 301.4M 306.1M W
Bluesteel Valk Ninja_Pro26389 dontyoudarecry1 4K 279.2M 277.8M L
Fiery Fedora Ninja_Pro26389 dontyoudarecry1 13K 331.1M 360.6M W
Rainbow Cat Tail Ninja_Pro26389 dontyoudarecry1 8K 308.9M 319.9M W
Cute Toilet Paper Therockersarestarz dontyoudarecry1 2 34.6M 92.3M W
Grr! Therockersarestarz grandmaelizabeth2 2.2K 5.6M 4.9M L
Dual Gravity Coil DANTDM17000 grandmaelizabeth2 1 8T 5.8B L
Anime Surprise DANTDM17000 medb0m 390 4.7M 4.7M L
Galaxy Valk creampufffairy medb0m 1 6T 6.3B L
Decklace creampufffairy medb0m 1.5K 4.7M 4.6M L
Rainbow Barf Face Bloxua777 medb0m 1 350T 12.8T L
Blue Fiery Dominus Bloxua777 Reviges 1 20T 5.3B L
Rainbow Barf Face Bloxua777 Reviges 1 350T 12.8T L
Bloxy Cola sickgraves Reviges 1 542.2M 3B W
Black Iron Fedora sickgraves Reviges 1 732.9M 3.6B W
Black Fiery Domino Crown sickgraves cashin76767 1 37.6B 18.6B L
Frog Head Hoodie sickgraves awesomekick1 1 2.3T 1.4B L
Pink Fiery Domino DANTDM17000 awesomekick1 1 10T 5B L
Blackvalk DANTDM17000 superman21143 1 26.5M 8.8M L
Pink Fiery Domino creampufffairy superman21143 1 3T 5B L
BIG: Galaxy Girl corbanleckner094 superman21143 1 1B 2.9B W
Evil Skeptic corbanleckner094 gagstyl 1 95M 109.9M W
Orange Trance corbanleckner094 gagstyl 1 95M 107.4M W
Derp Face corbanleckner094 gagstyl 1 90M 106M W
Nibbles, Devourer of Worlds corbanleckner094 gagstyl 1 90M 103.1M W
Cy the Cyborg corbanleckner094 gagstyl 1 90M 100.1M W
Green Checkered Bow Tie corbanleckner094 gagstyl 1 95M 113.5M W
Leopard Fedora corbanleckner094 gagstyl 1 105M 121.3M W
Pal corbanleckner094 gagstyl 1 107M 122.7M W
Purple Wrapped Horns bluepuppy17 gagstyl 1 9T 8.6T L
Ares bluepuppy17 gagstyl 1 100M 114.4M W
The Kleos Aphthiton bluepuppy17 gagstyl 1 100M 115.1M W
Brown Fluffed Hair TheDeathDragon1 gagstyl 2 10M 19.6M W
Epic Face awesomekick1 gagstyl 1 363.9M 118.6M L